two works, i did for german jazz record company ecm: keith Jarrett, the melody at night with you (left) and thomas larcher, naunz (right)



about the artist



daniela nowitzki is an artist and freelance photographer, living in a small village in baden-württemberg, germany.


her roots lie in documentary photography, but she also works with experimental approaches. her topics are the changing rural habitats, influenced by agricultural industry and climate change. capturing the ephemeral beauty of botanical structures is also very important to her.



she is artist member of GEDOK stuttgart and württembergischer kunstverein, stuttgart. 


all photographs are subjected to german copyright: the photos used on this website are copyrighted by the creator, daniela nowitzki. she is a regular member of vg bild/kunst (originator #787267).









nearly all pictures on this website are available for sale. if you wish to contact me regarding an order or for further questions, don't hesitate to drop a mail at  the address below. 

"Der Gebrauch einer Kamera ist ähnlich wie dem eines Messers. Man kann damit eine Kartoffel schälen, aber auch eine Flöte schnitzen."

Erich Kahlmeyer









climate change is everywhere. 


as a photographer working in the same areas for years i am able to observe those changes in nature on my daily walks. it is important to me to create artwork without harming the environment. i avoid to print my art on aluminium or plastic based surfaces and prefer natural made papers and adhesives. i also know about the limits of that, but nevertheless, it is important to use eco friendly materials wherever possible.





Daniela Nowitzki